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Project Management of Digital Products

Clients Testimonials:

“And in this occasion I want to thank you, Nitzan Peles, for a fun process, for the availability, for being attentive and caring, but mostly for reading my mind and the great result you created, thanks!” Tal Diemenstein

Owner, "US Consulting"

“The project management by Nitzan was professional, efficient and mostly fun along the way. Beside the fact we reached our initials goals, me and all the people around learned a great deal about the digital world and felt that we had a true partner for our enterprise” Yair Yachdav

CMO, Friendly Malls

“This was a great surprise to me – within a week¬†I got a superb website that serves me best until this very day, and turned into the major channel of bringing new clients” Eli Dassa

Photographer, Eli Dassa

“Nitzan is a consistent and involved professional, with a versatile set of tools and abilities. After 6 years of working with him on our branding, marketing and digital assets, I can confidently say that Nitzan has a lot to give – his attitude is always positive and fruitful and he is always ready to help” Yaniv Efraim

Founder, "Office Guy"

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